IV Start Kit

Safe, Needleless Transfer of Samples from Positive Blood-Culture Bottles

Concerned about needlesticks during subculturing? That's why we don't use needles.

ITL BioMedical's IV Start Kit offers a precise, efficient approach to venous access procedures. The kit comes with carefully selected, sterilized components organized for optimal workflow.

Our IV Start Kit contains:

  • One Non-Woven Gauze Swab, measuring 5x5cm
  • One Bluey Underpad, dimensions 40 x 30cm
  • One Generic Dressing, 6.5x7cm (non-sterile)
  • TPE Tourniquet, rolled and banded, dimensions 4.5x2.5cm
  • One Label Dressing, 1.5x4.5cm
  • Sterile Field, dimensions 450x450x0.025mm, in white
  • One Alcohol Prep Pad, model RHS417

Designed for clinicians adhering to aseptic techniques, the IV Start Kit facilitates the preparation of a site for cannula insertion. The kit is compatible with our range of extension sets, IV catheters, and pre-filled saline syringes.

All components are packaged together as per the facility's insertion protocol to standardize practice and time, thereby attempting to reduce the potential for VAD HAI.

Available in the US only.

    Product Usage
    Product Information

    Product Code

    A100720 Sterile

    Packaging & Ordering

    Product Packaging

    A100720 360/case, 60/box, 6 boxes/case

    Product Features
    • INTEGRATED SAFETY for subculture procedure 
    • SAFE SAMPLE TRANSFER from culture bottles for further testing 
    • REDUCES RISK of Injury from sharps 
    • LIMITS EXPOSURE to gas and culture discharge 
    • FLEXIBLE FIT with wide variety of culture bottles
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