TEGO™ Swine Oral Fluids

Safe, Needleless Transfer of Samples from Positive Blood-Culture Bottles

Concerned about needlesticks during subculturing? That's why we don't use needles.

 TEGO was developed in close consultation with U.S. laboratories, veterinarians and livestock producers worldwide.  The all-inclusive TEGO Swine Oral Fluids Collection Kit contains all items required to collect samples and prepare them for refrigerated packing and transportation, which simplifies the process and reduces staff resource requirements.

    Product Usage
    Product Information

    Product Code

    A100720 Sterile

    Packaging & Ordering

    Product Packaging

    A100720 360/case, 60/box, 6 boxes/case

    Product Features
    • INTEGRATED SAFETY for subculture procedure 
    • SAFE SAMPLE TRANSFER from culture bottles for further testing 
    • REDUCES RISK of Injury from sharps 
    • LIMITS EXPOSURE to gas and culture discharge 
    • FLEXIBLE FIT with wide variety of culture bottles
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