SampLok® Adapter Cap

Safer Blood Culture Sample Collection

There's only one safety cap that securely fits bottles and test tubes.

Samplok® Adapter Cap is a versatile device for safe blood sample collection into blood culture bottles and test tubes. 

Samplok® Adapter Cap fits securely over the blood culture bottle top. 

Fits a variety of culture bottles and vacuum tubes.

    Product Usage
    Product Information

    Product Code

    A100706 Without luer, non-sterile
    A100710 With luer, sterile
    A100709 Insert, non-sterile

    Packaging & Ordering

    Product Packaging

    A100706 350/case
    A100710 100/case
    A100709  600/case, 50/box, 12 boxes/case

    Product Features
    • INTEGRATED SAFETY for collecting blood samples for blood culture testing 
    • REDUCES RISK of inadvertent needlestick injury 
    • FLEXIBLE DESIGN allows sampling with a variety of culture bottles and vacuum test tubes
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