SampLok® Tube Holder

Best Practice for Sharps Safety

Whether you're collecting one, two, or more vacuum tubes, it's less risk for you.

Samplok® Tube Holder is used to collect blood samples into multiple vacuum tubes and long-neck culture bottles.

SampLok has two features to safeguard against accidental needlesticks: Safety lid closes off the sampling needle and full-length tube holder barrel reduces exposure to sampling needle.

Product Usage
Product Information

Product Code

A100400 Without safety hinged lid, without luer, non-sterile
A100421 With safety hinged lid, without luer, non-sterile
A100422 Clear version of A100421
A100500 Without safety hinged lid, with luer, sterile
A100645 With safety hinged lid, with luer, sterile

Packaging & Ordering

Product Packaging

A100400 1000/case
A100421 700/case
A100422 700/case
A100500 425/case
A100645 425/case

Versions with polypropylene and polycarbonate luers also available bulk, non-sterile, for pre-attachment to whole blood or apheresis collection kits

Product Features
  • INTEGRATED SAFETY FEATURES for collecting blood into vacuum tubes
  • FACILITATES SAFE donor and patient blood sample collection and easily integrates onto blood collection or processing kits
  • REDUCES RISK of inadvertent injury from sampling needles
  • COMPANION PRODUCT with Donorcare® Needle Guard to lock and secure both needles
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